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When is a Section 16 application required?

When do you need to apply for a planning permission under Section 16 of the Town Planning Ordinance?

Each Outline Zoning Plan is accompanied by a Schedule of Uses showing the uses always permitted (Column One Uses) and uses that would require permission from the Town Planning Board (Column Two Uses) within a particular zone. There may be additional controls on developments within a particular land use zone and these are specified under the 'Remarks' column in the Notes for that land use zone. You only need to apply for permission under S.16 of the Town Planning Ordinance when your proposed use or development is under 'Column Two' or as required by the 'Remarks' of the Notes.


if you download the Approved North Point Outline Zoning Plan No. S/H8/19, you will see a Schedule of Uses.

If your intended use for the land falls under Column 1 (eg. Ambulance Depot)

Section 16 application is not required.

If your intended use falls under Column 2 (Hospital)

Section 16 application is required.

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