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Specified Street

What is a street for the purpose of site classification?

If any of the following conditions are met, a street is to be considered as a specified street:

(a) It is a public street owned and maintained by the government's Highways Department.

(b) It is a private street formed within a lot under lease, and the lease requires the lessee to surrender the street's land to the government when required.

(c) It is a street that needs to be constructed on unleased government land, and the lessee of the government lease must build it according to the lease terms.

(d) It is a private street not belonging to the owner of the site but has an express right of way granted to the site owner. If it is a public passage falling under (a) or (c) above, it must be expressly granted with a right of way to the developer.

(e) It is a private street owned by the owner of the site, whether or not it is held under the same lease as the site. Evidence must be provided to show that the street will remain a street for the lifetime of the development, such as an undertaking registered in the Land Registry.

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