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SBD: Building Setback

Sustainable Building Design: How to find out how much the building needs to be set back?

In order to improve air ventilation, enhance the environmental quality at pedestrian level and mitigate street canyon effect, buildings fronting a street less than 15m wide should be set back to comply with one of the following requirements:

(a) For maintaining a ventilation corridor with minimum section of 15m x 15m, no part of the building up to a level of 15m above the street level should be within 7.5m from the centreline of the street. Where level of a street varies, the minimum sectional area should be kept along the full frontage following the profile of the street.

*the centreline of the street shall be the centreline of the road not including the pedestrian portion of the street.

(b) Where a cross-ventilated communal podium garden with a clear height of not less than 4.5m is provided, no part of the building up to a level of 15m above the street level, should protrude above the 45degree inclined plane, the base of which is placed at street level at the site boundary line on the opposite side of the street.

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