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Hotel: Domestic or Non-Domestic?

Are hotels considered domestic or non-domestic?

What is domestic under Buildings Ordinance:

The definition of domestic is given under BO S2 – constructed or intended for habitation.

What is habitation under Buildings Ordinance:

The definition given under BO S2 explicitly states that guest-houses, boarding houses, dormitories etc. are considered domestic.

* Please do not forget: a building in which people reside is a domestic building

regardless of its name. Tenement houses, flats, apartments, service

apartments, houses, villas, bungalows, lodges, etc., are all domestic buildings

if spaces for living are provided.

What is non-domestic under Buildings Ordinance?

Means being NOT domestic, as stated in BO S2. Schools, factories, offices, shopping malls, warehouses, and theatres are examples.

*B(P)R23(4) allows a small caretaker’s residence to be proposed in a nondomestic building; in this case, the building is still considered as non-domestic despite of the domestic part it contains. That means the GFA of such residence can be considered as non-domestic GFA.

What about composite buildings? Like the ones where there are shops on the lower floors and residential on the upper floor?

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