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GFA: What is it?

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

GFA means Gross Floor Area

GFA definition:

The area contained within the outer surface of external walls of a building measured at each floor level (including floor below ground level).

Includes (GFA Accountable):

  • Enclosed covered areas within the building that are not fully floored over such as voids or openings

  • Balcony area

  • There's more

Excludes (GFA Non-accountable):

  • Floor area for parking

  • Loading and unloading area

  • Refuse storage chambers

  • Refuse storage and material recovery chambers (RSMRC)

  • Material recovery chambers

  • Refuse storage and material recovery rooms

  • Refuse chutes

  • Refuse hopper rooms

  • Facilities provided to facilitate the separation of refuse

  • Access facilities for telecommunications and broadcasting services

  • T.B.E Rooms (area should comply with PNAP 201)

  • Air-conditioning plant room (Area ≤ 1% of total GFA of building)

  • Air-handling unit room (Area ≤ 4% of total GFA of each floor)

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