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First BD Submission Checklist

Documents that should be submitted to BD in connection with the application for approval of new general building plans for a new development project:

  1. Form BA4 - Appointment of Authorized Person (AP) and/or Registered Structural Engineer (RSE) and/or Registered Geotechnical Engineer (RGE), signed by the building owner, the AP/RSE/RGE to confirm their compliance with BO s. 4(1)

  2. Form BA5 - Application for the Approval of Plans, signed by AP/RSE/RGE to declare the plans comply in all respects with the provisions of the Building Ordinance and Regulations.

  3. Form BA16 - Application for Modification of and/or Exemption from the Provisions of the Buildings Ordinance (if applicable)

  4. Appropriate fees - charged on the basis of GFA; charged on number of A1 submitted for new buildings without accountable GFA, A&A works etc.

  5. Prescribed Plans - 6 sets of plan (for referral to other government departments under the Centralize Processing System), 2 sets signed by AP, 1 set fully coloured.

  6. Documentary proof of ownership/control of land - copy of the relevant lease documents including any modification letter registered at the Lands Office etc

  7. Development Schedule - stating how the building design satisfies the Lease Conditions such as Site Coverage, GFA, Height, DD&H, Carparks, Greenerys etc.

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